Do you like overtime?


Nowadays, companies like to connect the readiness for overtime work with the responsiblity. We are responsible if we are ready to work at night. We aren’t lazy if we are finishing our job after hours. It is an important client, it is an important product, it is an important project. How often have we heared such explanations?

I admit that people who work after hours are responsible for their work, but overtime haven’t to be treated as something natural. Instead, it may be a good ocassion to ask why we need additional time to finish our task or project? In my opinion this question and especially the anwsers are more important than the readiness for working at night. What goes wrong? Where is is the source of the delay?

Toyota give us a method called 5 Whys.


  1. “Why did the robot stop?” The circuit has overloaded, causing a fuse to blow.
  2. “Why is the circuit overloaded?” There was insufficient lubrication on the bearings, so they locked up.
  3. “Why was there insufficient lubrication on the bearings?” The oil pump on the robot is not circulating sufficient oil.
  4. “Why is the pump not circulating sufficient oil?” The pump intake is clogged with metal shavings.
  5. “Why is the intake clogged with metal shavings?” Because there is no filter on the pump


Be responsible and require a responsiblity – this is my conclusion :) What do you think about reponsibility and working after hours?


Too lazy to give up on quality


Long time ago during job interview…

– What are your strengths?
– I know it may sound crazy, but I’m lazy and this is my strength!
– How is it possible?

I don’t like overtime. I hate to do the same job over and over. I don’t like to feel nervous one hour before the deadline. But…. my computer loves to work all the time, even at night!
Now I understand. Unfortunately, sometimes overtime is necessary.
– Sure, but only for people that give up on quality. Instead working more and more, we can eliminate waste. Why not to improve communication, procedures, products, internal deliveries etc.?
People are too lazy for that…

What will be your answer?

Keep calm and develop yourself

Last week I’ve finished reading a book: The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership. Achieving and Sustaining Excellence Through Leadership Development. It made a great impression on me. The Toyota Way changes the thinking about the business.

How to develop yourself to be in accordance with the Toyota Way? The answer is Shu Ha Ri. It is a Japanese martial art concept, and describes the stages of learning to masteryContinue reading

Brainstorming.Works or not?


I’ve never thought that brainstorming might be so controversial. Then I’ve found this article: Is Brainstorming a waste of time? Let’s talk about brainstorming and its rules.

  1. Generate as many ideas as possible – the more ideas you come up with, the better chance you have of coming up with good ones.
  2. Don’t criticise – it will dampen peoples enthusiasm and kill their creativity.
  3. Welcome unusual ideas – it’s important to break out of your usual mindset and consider wild and wacky ideas if you want to be really creative.
  4. Combine and improve ideas – instead of criticising ideas, look for way to use them in combination and/or make them better.

Continue reading

Why we remember failures and forget about successes?

mistakes5We are persuaded to remember our failures and learn from them. Self improvement is a positive phenomenon, but it requires energy and motivation. The question is: how to get them, when we’ve failed? Nowadays we are often working from task to task, but sometimes we cannot cope with the problems. Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention on our successes and no one remind us about them. We rarely feel satisfaction and pride and as a result we haven’t got motivation when it is especially important.

I expect that you will fulfil your responsibilities and deal with the problems. This is what we hear when we ask about our objectives. How to be satisfied, proud and motivated if every closed task is just a closed task? In my opinion it is very important to learn our brain, to pay attention to all the things we do well. Our company might help us with that, and this is very difficult and necessary responsibility.

Your performance… meets expectations.

What does it mean to meet expectations? Why is it so frustrating to heard that our job met expectations only? When I heard this sentence for the first time I felt very strange. Ok. How can I be better than it was expected? – I thought. What was expected from me year ago?

The truth might be cruel. This sentence means nothing! Really. It is the simplest and safest solution for managers who don’t want to talk with the people about their work regularly and have to evaluate them once a year. Unfortunately these words prevent employees to be proud and creative. Why should I make an extra effort if I’m not going to get recognized for it? I will do what is expected and nothing more. It is a race and I’m going to win ;)

What do you think about this? Is it worth to participate in such race?

What motivate us? What inspire us?

This week I was thinking a lot about things that may inspire people. My recent experiences have caused that my opinion about motivation slightly changed.
I had an opportunity to teach children programming in Scratch language for several months. I took a part in employee volunteering. My idea for the classes was simple. I wanted to show that computer engineering might be easy, interesting and enjoyable. We created simple computer games, animations. Children had fun and I was proud… Continue reading