If we look at the IT market, we will notice that one of the most important skill sought by employers is a teamwork. On the other hand hiring the freelancers becomes more and more popular today. It is a very simple way to avoid paying social benefits e.g health insurence and work with people who are having a great knowledge and experience. It sounds like a paradise… but what does it mean loyalty and teamwork for freelancers? Is it possible to build efficient company with people who work from project to project?

In my opinion, if we think about the company in the long term, we have to think about the people who will create it in the future. Only committed employees, will be able to overcome crises. Full-time employees willing to share their knowledge, while freelancers care about the result of their work. Outsourcing might be a good solution for an unwanted job. The rest is too important to leave it for freelancers.