Too lazy to give up on quality


Long time ago during job interview…

– What are your strengths?
– I know it may sound crazy, but I’m lazy and this is my strength!
– How is it possible?

I don’t like overtime. I hate to do the same job over and over. I don’t like to feel nervous one hour before the deadline. But…. my computer loves to work all the time, even at night!
Now I understand. Unfortunately, sometimes overtime is necessary.
– Sure, but only for people that give up on quality. Instead working more and more, we can eliminate waste. Why not to improve communication, procedures, products, internal deliveries etc.?
People are too lazy for that…

What will be your answer?


3 thoughts on “Too lazy to give up on quality

  1. There are only two people to keep in mind when in an organisation It is a pity that the laziest person gets to do nothing whilst the hardest worker gets the late nights stressing over the unfinished work because he knows he will be called on to do the overtime when he should be given a good nights rest to be mentally fit for the next day. So I say this reduce this to the opposite of that of how a woman wants to be treated with this saying when it comes to someone who has given a lot of thought into this. When it comes to the hardest worker he would rather be overlooked than to be looked over

    • You describe a situation in the company where people know nothing about their expectations ;) I wrote several articles about that e.g: link

      Too lazy to give up quality means that we could use our creativeness and ideas to be more efficient individually or even to change existing procedures ;) In my opinion a necessity of overtime (e.g working at night) it is a symptom of poor condition of the company.

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