Why we remember failures and forget about successes?

mistakes5We are persuaded to remember our failures and learn from them. Self improvement is a positive phenomenon, but it requires energy and motivation. The question is: how to get them, when we’ve failed? Nowadays we are often working from task to task, but sometimes we cannot cope with the problems. Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention on our successes and no one remind us about them. We rarely feel satisfaction and pride and as a result we haven’t got motivation when it is especially important.

I expect that you will fulfil your responsibilities and deal with the problems. This is what we hear when we ask about our objectives. How to be satisfied, proud and motivated if every closed task is just a closed task? In my opinion it is very important to learn our brain, to pay attention to all the things we do well. Our company might help us with that, and this is very difficult and necessary responsibility.