Open your mind

Without crazy people our world will be so very different.  Every discovery starts from something strange. It is impossible, it will not work… these two sentences are surely the most common among engineers, but unknown for inventors.

To change our neighborhood we need to listen inventors. Their opinions may be totally different than ours, but so what? We aren’t able to learn everything. Something may be difficult, strange for us, but this doesn’t mean that it is difficult and strange for our teammates.

I’m your project manager. So what? Does it mean you know everything?

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Eclipse “cannot be resolved to a type”

“Cannot be resolved to a type” this message is probably the most annoying in Eclipse. It is caused by its Indexer which goes crazy if we forget to choose appropriate tool chain during creating or importing a new project. As a result Eclipse can’t find the system headers like stdint.h

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Memory Allocator

Today I want to describe a very simple memory allocator – memory pool with fixed block size. Memory allocators are important especially for embedded systems. Such systems often require a memory management module which help to decrease memory fragmentation and provide efficient memory usage.

The idea for a simple memory management module is to allocate memory once and use it frequently. Memory allocation algorithm shouldn’t allocate any memory block outside the pool. It is possible to create more than one memory pool, e.g one memory pool for each queue.

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Be brave. Talk with them.

Courage to fund a company. Courage to be an employee. Courage to stand out from the crowd.

We should be very brave to sell our products to the customers, to design and develop them. Only brave people create totally new designs. It is obvious, that without courage we will never get further than we are now.

However, the most important is to have enough courage to talk with other people e.g our team members or our leaders.

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