Learning – taking risk?

dilbert-105395-strip I have no time to learn at home, I have no time to learn at work, I have time for wasting so much time.

In my opinion learning always means taking risk. Nowadays, companies encourage people for taking trainings but in the same time they do not tolerate mistakes and as a result they do not tolerate creativity. We have to risk our position,  to do something in a different way, different than everyone before, change or improve something. What if we will fail? A disaster. We turned out to be irresponsible and stupid. What if we will succeeded? Nothing. Lucky guy, but nervous. In this case it is better to be like everyone. It is a trap …

How to be a good programmer? By programming. How to develop our skills by doing the same, well-known things? Impossible… We have to break such infinite loop to go further. Unfortunately, it will be uncomfortable for us, due to challenges on our way.

How to start? Let’s ask your colleagues about the worst task they performing. Ask about their ideas and design a small thing that will help them a lot. Small thing – small risk, but maybe a great improvement.