Does quality cost?

An answer to the question posed in the title seems obvious. We have to pay more to make something better. We buy cars, clothes, food, paying a lot for the quality. Cheap products may not be as good as those expensive.

As an engineer I like to care about the quality of the products. It is often a big problem to convience employers that if we spend more time on the analisis and testing we will finish our work earlier. I hear then: “I need it ASAP. You should start implementation and even skip most of the tests.” Coding without any control and knowledge. Yeah! This is exactly what I want! Why do we think only about the nearest future? Will our customers be satisfied with this strategy?

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Development Environment

When we are thinking about the development environment we should think about our comfort. Our efficiency depends on how we feel, so it is important to choose appropriate tools, install and configure them.

During my studies I used many applications which helped me to implement my final projects. Now I’m using Eclipse CDT. In my opinion, it is the best Integrated Development Environment for C/C++ languages. What about console? Vim? Emacs? Well… I’m not a conservative developer ;)

Why Eclipse CDT?

  • plugins – external tools inside the development environment
  • community – people who help with our problems
  • portability – works on many different platforms
  • refactoring – fast text and code processing
  • many different profilers, simple debugger


Except Eclipse CDT I always use: Valgrind, CUTE, eGIT. I will write about them soon.


If we look at the IT market, we will notice that one of the most important skill sought by employers is a teamwork. On the other hand hiring the freelancers becomes more and more popular today. It is a very simple way to avoid paying social benefits e.g health insurence and work with people who are having a great knowledge and experience. It sounds like a paradise… but what does it mean loyalty and teamwork for freelancers? Is it possible to build efficient company with people who work from project to project?

In my opinion, if we think about the company in the long term, we have to think about the people who will create it in the future. Only committed employees, will be able to overcome crises. Full-time employees willing to share their knowledge, while freelancers care about the result of their work. Outsourcing might be a good solution for an unwanted job. The rest is too important to leave it for freelancers.

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Cworking++ is a story written by C/C++ developer about the coworking. In the last few years I learned that there are a lot of differences between group of people and the real team. We might be one of the best student from the best university, even an experienced specialist, but we do nothing if we won’t be able to cooperate.

I would like to start this story from the very basic knowledge about C/C++ languages, development tools and project management. I try to show that each team member is responsible for the work of other people, even if we are a leader or a regular employee. Furthermore, not only the leader has requirements. I believe that the only way to success is a cooperation, which means understanding and sharing knowledge.