Does quality cost?

An answer to the question posed in the title seems obvious. We have to pay more to make something better. We buy cars, clothes, food, paying a lot for the quality. Cheap products may not be as good as those expensive.

As an engineer I like to care about the quality of the products. It is often a big problem to convience employers that if we spend more time on the analisis and testing we will finish our work earlier. I hear then: “I need it ASAP. You should start implementation and even skip most of the tests.” Coding without any control and knowledge. Yeah! This is exactly what I want! Why do we think only about the nearest future? Will our customers be satisfied with this strategy?

The chart above proves that poor quality costs! Our mistakes cost the most. Too short analisis will have a negative impact on the whole project. The poor quality means many bugs and problems during tests. The upcoming deadline instead of enhancing our motivation, make us nervous and frustrated. Furthermore our leader waits for the result and he doesn’t understand the whole situation because so far everything was on time. He might think: our team is too lazy. Then a battle begins ;)

Why do we try to save our money sacrificing quality? The answer is simple: we forget about our customers and their requirements.


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