Management By Objectives

It is believed that management by objectives is the best way to inspire employees to work efficiently. How it works?

  1. An organization defines its goals. It is usually done for one year.

  2. Employees choose their goals from the lists provided by their managers.

  3. Working on everyday tasks and measuring the work progress and performance.

  4. Performance evaluation, providing feedback and rewards or punishments

It seems simple but what about if management by objectives inspire employees to win in the lottery with the one rule: “there are no rules”? There are no rules to make goals from the lists and the only reason to achieve the good result during the evaluation are rewards or fear of punishment?

Let’s take a look at this example. Everyone was a child. You probably remember that we were learning many different subjects. Some of them were simple but some were very difficult. Unfortunately, we had to pass every single exam to get to the next level and this was our goal. Furthermore, during the year, our teachers were continuously measuring our performance. Moreover, our parents are taking care about our grades. Everyone wanted to finish school with a very good diploma. How it looks like? In my opinion school is probably the first organization with management by objectives to which we belong.

How school works? Does our grades provide the full information about our knowledge? Obviously no. Sometimes we were cheating to pass the most difficult exams, and sometimes we knew more than it was expected. Unfortunately today’s school learn us how to achieve the objectives without taking care about our knowledge. It is a horrible paradox.

According to above it is very probable that developers which have to implement an innovative and difficult project and at the same time take care about the objectives, will do these in the most simple way e.g by sacrificing the quality of the product. Moreover management won’t be informed about the problems in advance, because project mangers have their own objectives ;)

How it should work? What if there won’t be any reward or punishment? Some will say that we do nothing. Are you sure? ;)

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