Open your mind

Without crazy people our world will be so very different.  Every discovery starts from something strange. It is impossible, it will not work… these two sentences are surely the most common among engineers, but unknown for inventors.

To change our neighborhood we need to listen inventors. Their opinions may be totally different than ours, but so what? We aren’t able to learn everything. Something may be difficult, strange for us, but this doesn’t mean that it is difficult and strange for our teammates.

I’m your project manager. So what? Does it mean you know everything?

– I’m sir Isaac Newton!
– Really? I’m Albert Einstein.

Einstein’s teachers thought that he was retarded. Do you want to be as those teachers? If you are a project manager or even a plain engineer and you want to be an inventor you have to be open-minded. You have to be able to change your opinion after hearing some interesting information. You have to be able to discuss before you reject the idea. You should examine your problem before you write an article :)


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