Be brave. Talk with them.

Courage to fund a company. Courage to be an employee. Courage to stand out from the crowd.

We should be very brave to sell our products to the customers, to design and develop them. Only brave people create totally new designs. It is obvious, that without courage we will never get further than we are now.

However, the most important is to have enough courage to talk with other people e.g our team members or our leaders.

Talking about our problems is a first step to solve them. Talking about our victories and defeats helps to build a great atmosphere. It creates also environment to share knowledge and experience. As a result creates a great work place.

It is hard to give someone our feedback without saying: “this is your fault”. It is difficult to listen about ourselves. The worst thing is to change something.

I encourage you to watch Simon Sinek lectures and talk about them ;)



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