Stay focused at your work! Are you sure?

How to stay focused at my work? Is it what my company needs? Is it what my team needs? Is it what I need?

These questions haven’t got simple anwsers. What does it mean my work? Does it mean my and only my or maybe something more? Please have a look at this example: Challenger Disaster. One of the main reason of this tragic disaster was the fact, that the NASA management had ignored warnings about potential rocket design problems. They were focused on the Challanger mission and its success. They were focused on their work and forget that it is only a small part of everything.

This example shows, that it is worth to be focused on the whole project, not only the tasks which were assigned to me. We could improve our team by our ideas. We could find an important problems or solutions which might be ommited by others. Furthermore, it is worth to be focused on the current needs, because the future is uncertain and tommorow our duities may be totally different. Finally, it is worth to be focused on our customer requirements because our customers want our high quality product.


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