First steps with GIT

GIT is a distributed revision control system that allows to working with the versioned files locally and remotely. It is something different then SVN, but its main functionality is quite similar. GIT was designed to increase performance of typical, for each revision control system, operations like: merging, pushing, pulling branches.

There are a lot of books, e-books and articles about GIT, but for the people who never heard about it Pro GIT seems to be a very good choice. After reading Pro GIT we will be ready to start using this system.

For people who don’t like to use console there are several possibilities to avoid this pleasure. One of them is Eclipse plugin eGIT. It is also a good choice for people who want to have all development tools gathered in one place. Documention of eGIT includes instructions how to install, configure and use the plugin.

The last thing which is very interesting is GITHub portal. It is a public server of GIT repositories, where we could find many well-designed open-source projects. It is also a free knowledge base for developers.  I create CWorking repository to put all of the examples described on this blog. I encourage you to visit my profile and follow it.


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